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Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery Strategy and Software Development

What FDIR is All About

FDIR stands for Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery and is an active element of any safety or mission-critical system, acting as a safeguard against any known and unknown hazards. Through its proactive and autonomous abilities to identify system anomalies, isolate faults and effectively recover from issues, FDIR helps minimize system downtime, maintain uninterrupted operations, meet demanding performance goals, optimise resource utilisation, and enhance the overall system reliability, delivering substantial value to the end user.
FDIR development starts with an in-depth analysis of the target system, including its complexity, criticality, and operational environment. It is followed by the preparation of methods and techniques for failure detection, isolation to a specific system component and system recovery to a normal operating state. A variety of systematic procedures and actions for onboard and remote system health & performance monitoring are defined as part of the process.

Enhancing System Reliability Through FDIR

Our asset-based FDIR development services cover the whole system lifecycle: from FDIR strategy development to FDIR application design and integration into the target system.
Enhanced Safety
Enhanced Safety
FDIR software ensures safer operation by proactively and autonomously detecting faults, isolating them, and taking corrective actions, thus preventing accidents and minimising mission/safety risks.
Reduced Downtime
Reduced Downtime
Timely fault recovery and isolation helps minimise system downtime and ensures continuous operation and mission success in mission and safety-critical applications.
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
FDIR software can lead to significant cost savings by preventing damage to expensive components and reducing downtime associated with delayed response to faults.
Improved Reliability
Improved Reliability
FDIR enhances the overall system reliability by detecting and recovering from faults in real-time, preventing fault propagation, and maintaining operational integrity.

Risking Operational Integrity

When it comes to ensuring the reliability and survivability of complex systems, FDIR strategy is a must. Systems without FDIR often face a range of formidable challenges and issues:
Safety risks
Safety risks
Failing to promptly detect and address faults or failures could disrupt critical systems and jeopardize mission/operation success, potentially resulting in accidents, injuries, or even loss of lives.
Delayed fault detection
Delayed fault detection
Delayed fault detection and recovery may lead to degraded performance, operation disruptions or critical failures, resulting in potentially catastrophic consequences and significant financial losses.
Expensive maintenance
Expensive maintenance
Without FDIR, maintenance activities like fault troubleshooting take longer and it is harder to plan routine maintenance, leading to longer downtimes, excessive costs and inefficient use of resources.
Complexity challenges
Complexity challenges
As cyber-physical system complexity grows, they become increasingly inefficient and difficult to operate manually.

Explore Our FDIR Capabilities

Depending on your needs, we offer varying levels of engagement: from a light-touch review to a full in-depth analysis and modelling. Here’s a high-level overview of the key aspects that define our risk analysis services:




Fault hierarchy modelling

Fault detection, identification, monitoring, and recovery strategy specification

High-level FDIR requirement specification

FDIR system and software architecture development

FDIR software customisation and optimisation for target hardware

Deep integration with the host software

Real-time configuration, calibration and fine-tuning

Real-time telemetry monitoring and reporting

Streamlined and automated maintenance procedures

Standardised and automated design and software verification through MIL/SIL/PIL/HIL testing

Traceability between FDIR implementation and FMEA failure modes

Compliance with international and industry standards

FDIR Deliverables at Glance

Our FDIR development services come with a comprehensive set of deliverables to ensure your success:




FDIR strategy execution requirements

FDIR software application

FDIR configuration files

FDIR calibration management tool suite

FDIR setup and integration guide

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