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Industry Overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of the commercial Space industry, the interplay between design and system complexity is a constant challenge and opportunity, where innovation and reliability must harmonize to propel us into the future of space exploration and technology.
As a company operating in this industry, our core objective is to aid in the development and operation by ensuring that such systems operate in a trustworthy manner leading to a more sustainable future in space.


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Sensmetry Expertise in Space

Sensmetry‘s diverse team of engineers and domain experts has multiple years of experience in the analysis of complex space systems and the development of solutions to ensure their trustworthy operation.
Our company takes pride in providing core services for trustworthy systems that adhere to the industry standards defined by ECSS, ISO and NASA to ensure the quality and excellence that our clients expect and deserve.
Flight heritageECSS-Q-ST-30-02CESA SysML
Space MBSEARCADIA ExpertiseNASA-STD-8739.8A

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