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In the dynamic realm of the automotive industry, safety and reliability stand as the twin pillars upon which innovation and progress are built, driving us towards a future where every journey is not only exhilarating but also consistently secure.
As a company that possesses extensive expertise and experience in the automotive industry, we are deeply committed to providing core services dedicated to supporting the development and operation of trustworthy automotive systems, with an unwavering focus on enhancing reliability, safety and overall client satisfaction.


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Sensmetry Expertise in Automotive

Sensmetry‘s early focus on autonomous vehicle safety and deep automotive experience of engineering leadership makes us well positioned to provide high quality services that ensure reliable operation of automotive systems.
We possess a lot of expertise and experience in development of automotive systems that are required to meet stringent SOTIF requirements. We can proudly say that not only we apply ISO, AIAG & VDA standards in our work but also several members of the company are continually contributing to the development of ISO and ASAM OpenODD standards for ADAS & autonomous vehicles.
Standards developmentFunc. Safety (ISO 26262)SOTIF (ISO 21448)
Control EngineeringAIAG & VDA FMEAFMEA-MSR

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