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Advanced engineering requires new approaches to manage the huge complexity of risks differently in the digital era.

Where do Sensmetry services fit in the product development lifecycle?

Our services span all of the typical cyberphysical system development lifecycle stages: starting with product conceptualisation to development, production and utilisation.

What makes Sensmetry different?

We offer a variety of services specifically tailored to your company and use cases. Here are four reasons why partnering with us will propel your organisation towards its full potential:
  • Personalised solutions: tailored specifically to your system and organisational needs. We will work side by side with your technical experts to ensure alignment of all the stakeholders with company goals and objectives.
  • Systematic and thorough approach: we apply rigorous, industry-standard processes to our analysis and assessments allowing us to gain an in-depth understanding of your operations, challenges, and goals without losing sight of any details.
  • Industry-standard MBSE methods: we employ industry best practices and a variety of MBSE tools that can seamlessly integrate with your systems, improving the synthesis and flow of information to downstream activities.
  • Deep industry knowledge: our team of experienced systems engineers and scientists are well-versed in the specific challenges and requirements of Space and Automotive industries.


Concept of Operations avatar
Concept of Operations
Enhance operational efficiency, risk mitigation, and strategic planning through comprehensive ConOps and OpsCon development and analysis services.
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Risk Analysis
We offer in-depth risk analysis services for mission- or safety-critical cyber-physical systems, including Functional/System/Design Failure Mode Effect and Criticality (FMEA/FMECA) Analysis.
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FDIR Development
Our FDIR Strategy & Software Development service enhances system reliability by proactively detecting, isolating, and swiftly recovering from faults, ensuring uninterrupted operational efficiency.
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Remote Monitoring
Our RHMS development services enable remote tracking and assessment of the operational status and performance of a system through customer-tailored telemetry visualisation.
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Control Engineering
Our control application development, analysis, and optimisation services help enhance operational efficiency, performance, and reliability of complex automated systems.

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