Safe & Reliable Automation

We help the most ambitious companies realise cutting-edge technology aspirations by making complex automated systems work safely and reliably.


Model-based systems engineering (MBSE)

  • SysML-driven functional and physical architecture and behavioral system modelling;
  • Mission requirements / CONOPS specification;
  • Failure analysis methods, including Failure Mode and Effects Analysis;
  • Failure Detection, Identification & Recovery strategy (FDIR) development.
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Model-based software development/verification/validation

  • Control System design and autocode generation for deployment on embedded systems;
  • Failure Detection, Identification & Recovery (FDIR) applications for embedded systems;
  • Model, Software, Processor & Hardware-In-the-Loop testing frameworks for software applications;
  • Automated simulation and test environments for embedded controls and software testing.
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Remote monitoring of automated systems

  • Design and implementation of strategies for information cataloguing and visualisation;
  • Modelling of telemetry data and metadata;
  • Early warning and alerting strategies.
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Analytics and performance optimisation of automated systems

  • Design of on-board analytics and data processing;
  • Experimental design for system performance optimisation;
  • Statistics and trend analysis support for remote automated systems.
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Our principles

Safety & Reliability via Rigorous Quantification

We believe that the path to autonomous system safety & reliability is via rigorous analysis & quantification. Sensmetry employs mathematical modelling techniques, engineering processes and data analytics to identify, quantify and mitigate risks within complex cyber-physical systems.

Safety & Reliability via Verifiable Specifications

Our goal is to help companies and institutions transition from lax, convoluted safety & reliability definitions to formally expressed, modular, model-based, system requirements which can be independently analyzed and measured using statistical tools and rigorous methodologies.

Safety & Reliability via Transparency

Trust is crucial in establishing safety. At Sensmetry our mission is to bring transparency and trust to the public by providing unambiguous, interpretable safety arguments that both our clients and the end-users can rely on.

Our Vision

Our vision is the safe and reliable integration of automated systems into human society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver managed products and services which design and ensure the safety & reliability of automated systems throughout their life cycle.

Manifesto of Sensmetry

“Our moral conviction is that each human life is of deep and equal value, and that technology at its core must be entrenched with these beliefs in order to properly serve humanity. We focus our intellectual gifts on ensuring these values are instilled within robotics and automation technologies that serve humanity through complex interaction with human society. We perform this work with pleasure, in an environment of intellectual fulfilment and mutual respect, recognizing the desire of each person to excel. The world is what we make it, and we choose to make it a better, safer place, by enabling the safe and moral interaction of humans and the robotic machinery they build.”

Safety Standards Development

Sensmetry is an active contributor to the emerging international ISO 21448 'SOTIF', ISO 34501-34505, and ASAM OpenODD standards for ADAS & autonomous vehicles. The company is a Member of ASAM, taking part in OpenODD standard creation. In 2021 Sensmetry was awarded a National Standartization Prize in the category of "Advanced Company" by the Standartization Department of the Republic of Lithuania.

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Research & Development

Sensmetry is focused on research and development of rigorous methods and software products to analyse and improve safety and reliability of automated systems. We address the safety and reliability throughout the lifecycle of automated system development and operation.


Sensmetry was founded by researchers and engineers in order to bring mathematical rigor to the development and testing of automated systems. We have grown to a multi-capability team and continue to expand attracting the best talent in the field.

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