Safe Autonomy - Quantitatively

Ensure safety and reliability for your safety and mission-critical systems using our Risk Management Solutions.

Our Competence

Our technical expertise extends throughout the whole system lifecycle - from system and mission conceptualisation through to design, testing, deployment, commissioning and operations. We ensure engineering excellence through a rigorous combination of systems, controls, software and data engineering experience and capabilities.


We specialise in rigorous system design and analysis, ensuring compliance with industry standards and minimising the risk of failures. Our expertise extends to developing automated controls, diagnostics, and failsafe systems for real-time embedded and remote applications.
We also offer a user-friendly experience for monitoring and analysing FDIR telemetry, providing instant access to system overviews and dashboards.
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Sensmetry is the developer of SysIDE - a leading textual editor and analysis system for SysML v2. SysIDE enables a new systems-as-code paradigm - to revolutionise systems engineering throughout the system lifecycle.
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We focus on industries that specialise in developing safety and mission-critical systems, offering tailored expertise to ensure their safety and reliability. Through custom solutions crafted to meet the unique demands of these industries, we ensure that our clients' critical systems perform reliably and maintain the highest safety standards, enabling them to achieve their missions with confidence and assurance.
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Sensmetry was founded by researchers and engineers in order to bring mathematical rigor to the development and testing of automated systems. We have grown to a multi-capability team and continue to expand attracting the best talent in the field.
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