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SysIDE: SysML v2 systems-as-code editor

SysIDE: SysML v2 systems-as-code editor preview
SysIDE - the best and most widely-used SysML v2 textual representation editing and analysis tool on the market.
SysIDE provides a suite of features which support fast and efficient model specification in the SysML v2 language, including: semantic highlighting, documentation on hover, real-time syntax and semantic validation, autocompletion, formatting, document symbols, code navigation, and more.
SysIDE can be used as an extension for Visual Studio Code, integrated into other software tools, or used standalone in a headless environment.
SysIDE is an open source project, therefore Sensmetry encourages your feedback and contributions. SysIDE source code can be found at our GitLab.
Our paper titled SysIDE: SysML v2 textual editing & analysis system – overview and applications won Best Paper Award of the MBSE2024 Workshop on Model-Based Space Systems and Software Engineering.