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Control System and Application Development, Analysis and Optimisation

The World of Control Engineering

Control Engineering, or Control Systems Engineering, focuses on designing, analysing, and optimising control systems that regulate and manipulate the behaviour of other devices or systems, consisting of mechanical, electronic and software components. Application of control methods plays a vital role in development and operation of high-complexity and high-performance modern system designs.

Delivering Control Engineering Expertise

Our Control Engineering services help analyse the target system (Plant) by modelling its dynamics and designing an optimal, fault-tolerant and/or adaptive control strategy, based on the target system’s and customer’s needs. Control systems and algorithms that we develop are compliant with industry standards and can be deployed on a variety of software and embedded systems.
Enhanced Safety
Enhanced Safety
Sophisticated control strategies prioritise safety and survivability through monitoring, risk assessment, and timely intervention, thus minimising the likelihood of accidents, injuries, and fatalities.
Improved Reliability
Improved Reliability
Our control systems are designed with robustness in mind and can function reliably under extreme conditions, ensuring consistent and predictable performance.
Rapid Response
Rapid Response
Most sophisticated control strategies employ predictive analytics and adaptive design, minimising the potential impact and likelihood of undesired events.
Resource Efficiency
Resource Efficiency
Advanced control systems help improve resource consumption efficiency by minimising energy usage and prolonging equipment lifespan.

The Pitfalls of Inadequate Control Systems

Primitive control systems can be sufficient for simple systems; however, once the complexity and operational needs grow, they can start to hinder performance, disrupt operations or even threaten the safety of the system or its immediate environment.
Safety risks
Safety risks
Poorly designed control systems pose significant safety risks as malfunctions or failures to react to irregularities can lead to accidents, equipment damage, mission failures or even loss of life.
Lack of reliability and redundancy
Lack of reliability and redundancy
Simple control systems tend to lack the necessary redundancy and reliability features, making them susceptible to failures that can disrupt operations and missions.
Slow response time
Slow response time
Less advanced control systems may be less responsive to deviations or disturbances. Such delays may degrade performance, exacerbate risks, and potentially compromise safety-critical functionality.
High maintenance and operation costs
High maintenance and operation costs
Inadequate control systems can lead to inefficient processes and functionality, resulting in increased actuator wear and maintenance, higher resource consumption, and operational costs.

Components of Our Control Engineering Services

Depending on your needs, we offer varying levels of engagement: from a light-touch review to a full in-depth analysis and modelling. Here’s a high-level overview of the key aspects that define our Control Engineering services:




Plant dynamic modelling

Control system and software requirement specification

Control system and software architecture development

Standardised and automated control software verification through MIL/SIL/PIL/HIL testing

Adaptive control system tuning and calibration

Compliance with international and industry standards

What to Expect: Control Engineering Deliverables

Our Control Engineering services come with a comprehensive set of deliverables to ensure your success:




Simulation-ready Digital Twin model

Control system architecture

Control system software application

Controller calibration and tuning tools

Control system requirements

Control system setup and integration guide

Controller configuration files

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