Concept of Operations

Concept of Operations Services

Enterprise-level Concept of Operations (ConOps) and System-level Operational Concepts (OpsCon) Modelling and Analysis

Demystifying ConOps and OpsCon

ConOps stands for Concept of Operations and is the user definition of how the overall organisation will be operated to satisfy its mission. Its key intention is to provide a mission description that includes the top-level picture of a series of operations to be carried out to achieve the organisation’s objectives through measures of performance and effectiveness.
Similarly, OpsCon, or Operational Concept, is the user definition of how a specific system will be utilised within an organisation. Its main purpose is to provide a detailed overview from the user’s or operator’s perspective, and it’s usually specified for one or more specific systems. A single OpsCon is often used as the basis for defining the behaviour and requirements for such systems.

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Our asset-based ConOps and OpsCon services help develop, analyse, and deliver Enterprise-level ConOps and System-level OpsCon models using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). These models enable subsequent generation of coherent requirements for detailed system design and facilitate consistent system understanding amongst all stakeholders, thereby enabling effective and successful decision making.
Enhanced safety and reliability
Enhanced safety and reliability
By addressing conceptual inconsistencies, the risk of mission/system failure can be significantly reduced, leading to a more reliable and safer operational environment.
Cost savings
Cost savings
Mitigating the risk of failure at the conceptual stage prevents rework and repairs down the line which can lead to substantial cost savings over the lifecycle of the system.
Improved timeliness
Improved timeliness
By ensuring that high-level requirements align with stakeholder needs and addressing integration issues promptly, projects are more likely to stay on schedule.
Resource optimisation
Resource optimisation
By bringing specialised knowledge, experience and best practices, we can ensure that the processes are well-defined, correct, accurate, clear and complete, resulting in the optimal use of resources.
ConOps and OpsCon services provide a structured framework for defining implementation strategies, procedures, and responsibilities. Without them, organisations face significant challenges:
Elevated, unacceptable risk level of mission or system failure due to conceptual inconsistencies in the proposed system, either at the enterprise (mission) level or system (operational) level.
Increased risk of mission or system failure and degradation due to misinterpretations of system specifications at the enterprise (mission) level or system (operational) level.
Missing requirements
Missing requirements
Project cost overruns and delays associated with fixing defects originating from missing high-level requirements, requirements not matching stakeholder needs or system integration issues.
Lack of expertise
Lack of expertise
Lack of internal resources or experience to analyse system needs and develop correct, clear, accurate, feasible and complete Operational Processes.

Under the Hood: Our ConOps and OpsCon Services

Depending on your needs, we offer varying levels of engagement: from a light-touch review to a full in-depth analysis and modelling. Here’s a high-level overview of the key aspects that define our ConOps and OpsCon services:




Operational Needs analysis

Mission analysis

Mission Use Cases and Scenarios

Alternative mission concept Gap Analysis and Trade-off evaluation

System analysis

System Operational Processes and Procedures

System Capability Operations functional design

Solution validation against ConOps

Leading Systems Engineering methodology, framework, and tool application

Compliance with international and industry standards

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Our ConOps and OpsCon services come with a comprehensive set of deliverables to ensure your organisation and mission success:




Enterprise-level ConOps document

System-level OpsCon document(-s)

Stakeholder needs

Mission/System operational requirements

Mission/System of Interest context

Mission/System objectives and quality factors

System capability use cases

Mission scenarios, phases, and states

System Functional Tree and Scenarios

System Lifecycle Operations

Detailed Operational Procedures

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