Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Vilnius, Lithuania, or Uppsala, Sweden
Full Time

Role Description

Sensmetry is seeking a technology expert with 5+ years of industrial experience for the role of Senior Embedded Software Engineer. This is a position primarily focussed on technical aspects of embedded software development for both for safety and mission-critical cyber-physical systems. The main domains of application include aerospace and land vehicles.
The candidate will contribute their embedded software development skills to a range of R&D projects at Sensmetry, for both external client projects and internal product development. The candidate is expected to possess significant experience and knowledge of software development methods, preferably in the embedded domain, as well as to possess practical skills and toolchain knowledge, including building, debugging and testing tools. In addition, a general genuine interest in software engineering, software development, and autonomous systems is crucial for the candidate to continue to deepen the knowledge and expand his/her skillset in these areas while at Sensmetry. Lastly, the candidate is expected to help on technical writing & communication, information & project organisation tasks.
Though the position is multi-disciplinary, requiring appropriate experience and flexibility on behalf of the candidate, it is understood that the candidate might wish to narrow focus and specialise more in one particular area of knowledge as the company continues to grow, develop and diversify.

Role Requirements

Proven curiosity and eagerness

• To follow, learn, and apply new relevant software engineering methods and technologies, especially in the embedded system & edge-computing domains relevant safety- & mission-critical systems
• ‘Throw anything at me’ attitude (i.e. flexibility to work on a range of topics outside their main competence area and learn in the process)
• Eagerness to contribute to the company mission (see Manifesto)

Education and skills (required)

• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Software Engineering, Electronics / Electrical Engineering, or a related engineering or mathematical discipline.
• 5+ years industry experience in embedded software development.
• Experience in software lifecycle development including defining and documenting requirements, object oriented software architecture and design, programming and testing.
• Significant experience in C/C++, object-oriented design.
• At least some knowledge & experience with embedded Linux.
• Fluent written and spoken English.

Advantages (preferred)

• Master’s Degree or PhD in one of the domains of Software Engineering, Electronics / Electrical Engineering, or a related engineering or mathematical discipline.
• Knowledge of model-based controls & software development.
• Knowledge of comms protocols: UART, I2C, SPI, TCP/IP.
• Basic electronics knowledge and use of basic lab equipment (i.e. logic analyzer).
• Familiarity with developing and debugging kernel drivers for embedded Linux, OS internals, tools, libraries.
• Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot hardware and software issues, debugging, code optimization.
• Embedded µARM (M0-M7) ADC, DAC, timers, IRQ, DMA
• Software development experience with languages such as Rust, Python, C#, Java, Javascript, Matlab, Haskell, etc.
• Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process.
• Experience with version control, in particular, Git.
More broadly, familiarity or experience with any of the following – engineering science, software, control theory, robotics, electronics, physics, mathematics, logic, machine learning, statistics, information organisation and/or management practises – is considered a great asset.


• R&D work on client projects
– software design and development for safety- & mission-critical systems
– finding solutions to client problems and scoping out work
• R&D work on internal product development projects
– Iterative ‘build, test & learn’ approach
• Contribute towards achieving team goals
• Additional responsibilities may include:
– Technical writing & communication
– Information & project organisation
– Project management

Employment details

• Full-time employment with a standard 40-hour work week
• Semi-annual employee review process, incl. salary revision
• Competitive salary compensation
• Individual competence development budget (both time and financial resources)


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